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Off Grid Solar – Power Wherever You Are

Is your property remote and you can’t get access to mains power nearby?

Is your fuel and maintenance bill for your generator starting to really add up on you?

Is your application on wheels or water and mains power is often not available for you?

Are power lines nearby but you want to avoid the cost of connecting them to your property?

Do you want to never go through a power black out again?

Would life be sweeter if you never have another power bill?

Installing an off grid power system is sometimes something you want to do, but most often it is something you have to do due to where your property is located. Whatever your motivation, whatever your application we’ve got the right solution for you here at JME.

In years gone by, running electrical appliances at sites that have no mains power meant you could only get power from either small and clunky off grid solar systems that had a very limited capacity, or endure the noise, ongoing operating costs and maintenance time of running generators.

Now, the game has changed…

Our off grid solar power systems deliver our clients a reliable electricity supply that is custom designed to meet their energy needs wherever they are. No matter how big or small your project is, our experienced CEC accredited off grid solar team have been delivering remote power projects of all sizes since 2009.

From complete new systems, to system expansions, retrofits, upgrades, service work and spare parts we are here to help to ensure you have reliable power available.

The products we select to meet the needs of each system are chosen based on their ability to meet your particular energy demands, their ability to perform under the climatic conditions of the location, and from manufacturers who have exemplary warranty terms and support processes.

Solar Inverters

Inverter brands we incorporate into our systems include such manufacturers as Australian made Selectronic, Victron & Fronius solar inverters

Solar Panels

Panel brands we incorporate into our systems include such manufacturers as LG, REC, Jinko and Trina Solar


Battery brands we recommend include PowerPlus, BAE, Full River & Logan


We also recommend having a monitoring solution attached to your off grid solar system to provide full accountability about the performance of your investment on an easy to use platform showing you transparent information about your energy. The right monitoring solution will give you the ability to keep an eye on things from wherever you are, but also gives you the ability to receive remote support from us at JME saving you valuable time and money on technicians attending on-site service calls.

Why choose us to serve you over all other solar companies?

One of the things that makes us unique is we’re a 100% local family company from Dubbo who have installed over 100 000 panels throughout the Central West.

Our solar installation teams are made up of our own electricians meaning you only ever have to deal with one local company for everything across the life of your solar system.

We’ve installed on many different types of roofs, using many different types of panels and inverters, gaining us unrivalled experience and expertise in solar system design and installations.

Our office in Dubbo is strategically located right in the middle of NSW to be able to supply, install and support quality solar solutions across Central & Western NSW.

For sales, service or support for your off grid system get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

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