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Hybrid Energy Storage – Solar Power With Batteries

Do you want use your own solar power instead of selling it to the grid for very little return?

Is independence from the grid something that you crave but can’t go fully off the grid?

Do you want to power right on through the next blackout or brownout?

Would life be sweeter if your power bill was a lot lower or even in credit?

Installing battery storage to a solar power system is something that people do for a wide variety of reasons.

Sometimes it’s to avoid blackouts, sometimes it’s to stick it to the power companies, sometimes it’s purely an economic decision to reduce energy costs. Whatever your motivation we’ve got the right solution for you here at JME.

In years gone by, the electricity network was quite reliable in most parts of NSW and in the event of a blackout the network operator would deploy their service teams quite quickly to get the power back on again.

Since the privatisation of the NSW electricity network we have seen an increase in electricity prices and a reduction in service staff to be able to maintain the network reliably. Also in rural areas the network is often operating close to it’s capacity leading to brown outs when things happen like when other customers on the same power line are all using large volumes of power at the same time.

Higher prices, reduced reliability and longer and more frequent blackouts often leaves the onus on energy consumers to take measures to reduce the impacts of these factors on their homes and businesses.

So what can we do?

Our various grid connected battery systems can be selected to provide our clients with the ability to:

Shift their solar energy by charging batteries during the day to be used during the night.
Have grid backup for blackout protection for selected critical circuits.
Have grid backup for blackout protection for selected critical circuits.
Use peak lopping – increase the capacity of a rural electricity supply by supplementing the grid supply with battery power for running larger loads than the transformer can handle, or to seamlessly ride through brown outs.

The products we select to meet the needs of each customer are chosen based on their ability to fulfil your battery system priorities and meet your energy demands, their ability to perform under the climatic conditions of the location, and from manufacturers who have a proven track record with exemplary warranty terms and support processes.

For a solar battery hybrid system to operate correctly it will need to monitor both solar production and site energy consumption for the battery to charge & discharge at the correct times. Because this equipment will already be in place it means you will also have the option to easily have a monitoring solution attached to your system to provide full accountability about the performance of your investment on an easy to use platform showing you transparent information about your energy. By connecting it online, you will have access to be able to keep an eye on things from wherever you are in the world and to engage remote support from our office.

Why choose us to serve you over all other solar companies?

One of the things that makes us unique is we’re a 100% local family company from Dubbo who have installed over 100 000 panels throughout Western NSW.

From the beginning of the quote right through to the ongoing maintenance of your system you will only ever need to deal with one company – JME. While other solar companies use sub-contractors to do their work, at JME we train and employ our own electricians to do the installations for you meaning you only ever have to deal with one local company, including all of your after sales service.

No matter how big or small your project is, our experienced CEC accredited solar team have been delivering all kinds of projects since 2009.

From complete new systems, to system expansions, retrofits, upgrades, and service work we are here to help to ensure you have quality solutions that live up to your expectations.

We’ve installed many kinds of systems on many different types of roofs, using various brands of panels and inverters, gaining us unrivalled experience and expertise in solar system design and installations.

Our office in Dubbo is strategically located right in the middle of NSW to be able to supply, install and support quality solar solutions across Central & Western NSW.


For sales, service or support for your solar hybrid battery system get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

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